JFAM Farmers Markets: Jeffersonville, Fairfax and Johnson, VT - Unites, producers, musicians and neighbors in community.
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4th Annual Harvest Market Celebration
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Happy Saint Paddy's Day!
Impact of Buying Local
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Impact of Buying Local

Why Buy Local?

Did you know…. that when you eat local, you support the producers in your community, your county and your state? Those local dollars are then filtered back into local communities. 

Did you know…. by making a small shift, to where you buy and from whom, has a positive impact on the environment? By food travelling less miles, and by being grown on a smaller scale, the environmental impact is lessened.

Did you know…your conscious effort to shop and buy local helps support small businesses and local entrepreneurs? Knowing your producer and local business owner helps support socially sustainable business practices. 

So, tell us: What do you love about your community and why do you buy local?
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