Unites, producers, musicians and neighbors in community. - Offering an incubator space for local entrepreneurs.
Welcome and thanks for your continued interest in the Jeffersonville Farmers' and Artisan Market and Fairfax Market. We have already begun to take applications. Below is the Market application. You can copy and paste this into a word document, save as JFAM, print, and mail it back to be a vendor. We are requesting all applications to be submitted by March 28th, so we can recruit any vendors as needed. Market participation is on a first-come-first-served basis, for we don't like to have too much overlap. 

JFAM Statement of Purpose/ Market Rules
Jeffersonville, Fairfax, and Opening Dates: Wednesday, June 15 & 16 Closing Dates: Wednesday, October 12 & 13 Market Hours: 4:30-Dusk (around 8:00 mid-summer)


Jeffersonville:Route 15 & 108S roundabout intersection in the field behind Smugglers’ Notch Distillery. Access to the field and parking is off Old Main Street at the dead end.  No parking in Distillery Lot. 

Fairfax 951 Main St & 104 intersections at Country Pantry Field. No parking in Baseball Lot.                                                       

Statement of PurposeThe Farmers' and Artisan Market is a community effort to unite local producers with the greater community. The goal is to offer an incubator space for entrepreneurs and to build community through great food, music, art and special event activities for children and adults. 

General Information Local produce, art, music and children’s activities will be available once a week on Wednesdays  from 4:30-dusk.  Music will begin at 5:00 for our patrons dining pleasure. We also offer EBT/SNAP, Farm to Family and Power of Produce Club.                                                           

Market RulesMarket Operation the market will operate rain or shine on consecutive Wednesdays& Thursdays (Cancellation of the Market will happen if we are forecasted dangerous conditions, or we experience torrential downpours and lightning at the Market). If you are unsure if we are running, please call 802-999-8486 the morning of the Market to confirm.Vendor Set Up is to be up and ready to sell by 4:15. Vendors are also expected to stay until dusk. Please leave your space free of debris. Please park your vehicle behind your canopy or in the vendor designated parking area. We request as part of the vendor agreement that you like the Facebook page and post your presence and any specials to the sight weekly and/or check in when you arrive at market and post an update.www.facebook.com/jeffersonvillefarmersandartisanmarket

Attendance is expected every week. If you cannot make it, the Market Coordinator needs to be notified by Monday at 12:00 p.m. Failure to do so may result in a reallocation of the space. Ultimately, it would be best to have a back-up person to man your space if you cannot attend.Seasonal rates: a 10x10 vendor space is $180 for the 18 week season. Larger spaces will be negotiated with the Market Manager (Smaller or shared seasonal spaces will be accommodated on a case by case basis.)If for any reason you cannot attend over an extended period of time, or you cancel your attendance or are asked to stop attending due to behavioral issues, no refund will be granted.  Seasonal fees cover: Promotional events, signs, banners, field and traffic maintenance, electricity, port-a-potty, advertising, and musical acts. Half season rates are $110; however, full season vendors will have first dibs to market their product. Please indicate the weeks you will be in attendance on the contract. I need all contracts and payments in full by March 28th. If for any reason you are asked not to attend, no refunds will be granted.Management has the discretion to ask a vendor to no longer participate in the market.

Membership the membership fee is $20.00.  This entitles the vendor to the same site for the Market season. It also entitles the vendor to Jeffersonville Farmers’ and Artisan Market website, Facebook and FPF advertisement as well as market promotions and covers the general liability insurance for the Market. No refunds are granted for any reason.Application Fee: $10.00 due with each application

Day Vendors rates are $25.00 per day for a 10x10 space. Rates need to be paid before the market begins. Day vendors who attend the Market a second season need to pay a membership fee.

Crafts must show high quality craftsmanship and be designed and executed by the craftsperson. Craft vendors are encouraged to use local raw materials, however manufactured items like jewelry, furniture, hardware, wrought iron and basic notions are allowed, provided the majority of the product is handmade and reflects the skill of the craftsperson.

Hold Harmless Clause: Each vendor will be expected to sign the enclosed statement releasing the market from responsibility for any harm done by the vendor or vendor’s products. (Vendors are encouraged to purchase, or obtain a rider to their insurance policy for individual product liability.)
Eligible Items for Sale. All items to be sold at the Jeffersonville Farmers’ and Artisan Market must be listed on the vendor application/contract. Bringing additional items not listed needs prior approval of the Market Coordinator. All items sold must be grown or made by the vendor, unless otherwise approved by the Market Coordinator.  Vermont produced and local products should be used whenever possible.
Space for Non-Profits will be made available on a first-come first-served basis with previous attendance taking precedence. Non-profits can pay as a regular full season/half-season vendor or choose to pay a $25.00 day fee.
Reporting Sales all vendors are required to report gross sales (sales before taxes, if applicable) on a weekly basis for market growth analysis. This must be given on a weekly basis. All numbers submitted for the Revenue Report are confidential and will remain anonymous. We do not take a percentage of your sales. This information will enable us to participate in specific grant programs. Envelopes are provided for receipts, coupons, tokens and gift certificates to be turned in weekly.

Please return the section below by March 28th to: JFAM Market Manager 2025 VT Route 109 Waterville, VT 05492
Your contract can also be submitted electronically to jfamfarmmarket@gmail.com 
Questions: 802-999-8486

Jeffersonville Farmers’ and Artisan Market Vendor/Member Application
Fairfax Farmers Market Vendor/Member Application
Please indicate which Market by circling above.
All applications must be completed in full.
Name: _________________________________________________________________
Business: ______________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Telephone: _____________________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________________
  1. Please list all items you would like to sell.
  1. If your items are value-added products such as: baked goods, prepared foods, and /or crafts, please detail the following: origin of ingredients, labor and or value added to the product, originality and method of production. Vendors must use fresh, Vermont ingredients whenever possible.   ALL VENDORS will be held personally responsible for the collection and payment of state sales and meal tax where applicable.
  2. Have you ever sold at a Farmers’ Market before?    Yes____   No______  Where:____________________________________________________
  1. Are you requesting a season pass or day (specific weeks)?  Please, circle one. Day vendors please indicate dates:___________________________________________________________
  1. Vehicles will be allowed on the field for set-up and then moved and parked in the adjoining field or behind your canopy.  No vehicles will be allowed in the center space.
Seasonal fee: $180.00 for the season with Membership Fee: $20.00 and Application fee:$10.00 due for all seasonal vendors for a total of $210 per market. Food Trucks will be charged a double fee for the extra space used.

Half Season: $130.00 per market. (If you pre-enroll for the season before January 1st, the $20 membership fee will be waived and offers a $10% savings to you.) 

Signature: ______________________________________________________________  Date:___________________ Received by_______ Approved_________Not approved__________Reason_______________________________________________

Mail application with payment:         
Jeffersonville Farmers’ and Artisan Market 2016 Liability Release Form Jeffersonville Farmers’ and Artisan Market are covered by a limited liability insurance plan.  The Market insurance Does Not cover product liability for individual vendors; nor liability or personal damage from your personal display. I understand that individual liability for my product and liability for my market display is my responsibility. I do hereby release the Jeffersonville Farmers’ and Artisan Market, any lease holder, its Board of Directors and Market Manager from liability due to by product (s) and display. Signed____________________________________________
Printed name____________________________________Date_________________

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